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311 Pennsylvania Ave.

Matamoras, PA 18336

570 491 4400

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we simplify payroll

We started as a small business. We know the hard work.

We developed ways of making that work easier and passed them on to you.

Our solution is simple to use, accurate and inexpensive. 


Full Payroll






Alisha - California

Payroll Pros costs me a third of what the previous payroll processing company used to charge me... and I get WAY more!

Robert - Colorado

My payroll was a mess! I was behind on payroll taxes and had gotten in trouble with the state. Payroll Pros cleaned it up and got me on the right track. And if I ever have any questions, I can talk to a Payroll Pros CPA at no extra charge. 

Lisa - New Jersey

My businesses keep me very busy,so I love the convenience of reporting hours anytime on my phone, laptop or tablet. But I also like that when I call, I speak to a human and they're always really helpful.


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